While all 27 miles of New York's Lake George is unbelievably beautfiul, this spot offers beauty and adventure -- especially for cliff jumpers.

Fort Ann, NY is a little off the beaten path -- even if you've been to Lake George, you may not have passed it. Hidden away on the opposite side of the lake from all of the tourist attractions, this spot is a cliff-jumper's paradise that is mostly known only by locals.

Calf's Pen has been a tradition for generations, with rock outcroppings varying from 10-foot jumps for the squeamish, to a 60+ foot plummet that requires you to jump over a tree top before landing (somewhat) safely in water rumored to be over 100-feet deep. I jumped. It was awesome, and I got a bleeding wedgie. Enjoy that visual; you're welcome.

If you're planning a visit to the area, the easiest way to get there is by boat. Don't have one? This guide will take you on the 2-3 mile hike through the woods and past the beautiful Shelving Rock Falls area. Not to sound like a total mom, but be careful, okay? Here's an awesome video I found of someone jumping at the pen: