Guns N’ Roses' second-ever Las Vegas residency kicks off in just four days. The band isn't revealing many details about the production yet, but they promise it won't simply be a retread of last year's effort.

"Our goal is to do a show that’s completely different than the last one we did there,” guitarist DJ Ashba tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He also reveals that even he hasn't been clued in on exactly what band leader Axl Rose has planned: “I’m excited to see what it is myself. There’s a lot of talk of really exciting stuff to be done this time.”

Ashba went on to describe just what makes a Guns N’ Roses show just so unpredictable, regardless of the setting. “That’s what I’ve always loved about playing in the band: you just never know what’s going to happen from song to song,” he said. “We don’t have set lists onstage. We might have a rough idea of the way the show will go, but Axl is great at feeling out the crowd. I always get the next song right after we finish (the previous song), it’s like, ‘OK, “Brownstone.” ’ And then the whole crew switches — lighting, pyro, everybody switches from song to song. That’s what makes it so exciting. I don’t know many bands who really run their ship that way.”

For Guns N’ Roses last residency at the Joint at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas in 2012 they pulled out all the stops performing three-hour marathon concerts, replete with fair doses of fire and exotic dancers.

The band’s new Vegas residency starts on Wednesday, May 21 and runs until June 7 across nine shows. You can buy tickets here.