Bugs Bunny, he's an icon! He turned 75 yesterday or by other reports 73. Hey, just like a human movie star, he's allowed to fib on his age.  :)

Bugs first appeared in a theatrical short in 1938, but he looked a little different. In 1940, he he looked more the way we know him.

His accent is a cross between a Brooklyn accent and a Bronx accent. The character Bugs Bunny was influenced by an early Disney character, Max Hare. Hare starred in many Disney cartoons and even won a Academy Award for Animated Short film in 1934. Bugs Bunny appeared in his first short cartoon in 1938, entitled Porky's Hare Hunt. The cartoon short was directed by Ben Hardaway and Cal Dalton. Ben Hardaway's nickname was "bugs".

We all love Bugs Bunny! Is he your favorite of all time? If not, who is your favorite cartoon character?

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via The History of Bugs Bunny: The Complete History of One of America's Most Beloved Rabbits - Yahoo! Voices - voices.yahoo.com.