I've told you about some properties for sale that just happened to be haunted, probably the reason they won't sell, but have you thought about a church being haunted? Well, there are many churches across the U.S. that seem to have apparitions or mysterious happenings within their walls. Let's check out a few of these.

Washington National Cathedral - Washington D.C.

We will first look at one of the greatest churches in the states, the Washington National Cathedral. Thousands of people visit this church every year as they tour the Nations Capital. Construction began in 1907 and has continued to be worked on ever since. During all of those years there have been some strange things happen within the walls. It is said that you can hear President Woodrow Wilson's (the only president buried at the site) cane tapping as he walks the halls. It is also believed the architect of the the cathedral still watches over his work, as many people have a feeling of being 'watched' while in the church.

Westminster Hall - Baltimore, Maryland

This is a historical venue built in 1852 and is the burial grounds for famous people such as Edgar Allan Poe and General James McHenry. The church is surrounded by burial grounds and catacombs are also built over many of the graves. Many ghost hunters have visited the location with reports of voices and apparitions being encountered. It may be a beautiful, historical location during the daylight hours, but after dark things seem to come alive.

 Aquia Episcopal Church - Stafford, Virginia

The church was built in the 1750's. It was a murder that happened, not long after construction, that still haunts the church. A young woman was found murdered in the belfry and soon after stories began to circulate. Many over the years have said to have witnessed the paranormal activity. There have been reports of eerie lights and sounds from the tower, footsteps, scuffling, and ghosts themselves being seen. In addition to the young murdered girl there is also the story of a young man who was dared to enter the church at night and walk to the belfry alone. He was given a hammer and nail, which he was to place in the wall as proof he made it, but when he never came back they began to worry. The next morning they found him nailed to the wall, seemingly 'scared to death'...literally. Members of the church however, will tell you this is all a bunch of hooey, so I guess you will just have to be the judge. Check it out if you dare.

St. Olaf Kirke (Old Rock Church) - Cranfills Gap, Texas

This church, built in 1886, is in the middle of a pasture in Cranfills Gap, Texas (north of Killeen). The Norwegian church underwent a massive renovation in 2009 that will assure it to stand for many, many more years. The church is still used by the surrounding communities and is open daily for visitors to enjoy. However, it is also listed as one of the most haunted places in Texas. It is told that in the middle of the night past parishioners can be heard singing hymns and organs playing. There have also been apparitions seen walking in the cemetery. None of that seems to bother anyone though because the church is beautiful with a small town feel that brings in people from all over just to see it.

Auburn University Chapel - Alabama

I keep seeing that Auburn University has a little apparition of it's own and he hangs out in the Chapel on campus. The chapel was once a hospital during the civil war days and it's ghost is that of Confederate Soldier Sydney Grimmett. The area is were Sydney's old resting grounds once were. Now I have a friend that attended the University so I've contacted her to see if she ever saw Sydney but I have not heard back yet. She may think I'm crazy or maybe it brings back a memory she would rather forget. Either way, if you're ever in the area you might want to check it out for yourself and say hello to ole Sydney.