We have another duo! Today's spotlight falls on cosplay partners, Aicosu, and their outfits from Dragon Age 2. First we have Sheila with her amazing Hawke (the default female version), complete with the character's badass pauldron and clawed gauntlet! And then we have everyone's favorite lyrium-infused elf, Fenris, played by Sylar.

Since you can customize your character's appearance in Dragon Age 2, it could have been very easy to just go to a con as yourself and say that you're a different version of Hawke. But Sheila went the extra mile and sported a look that's very accurate to the game's default version of the protagonist, even down to the way her hair falls.

Sylar does the same with his Fenris outfit, going as far as painting the character's unique lyrium lines all over his body. Match this attention to detail with their fantastic costumes and you've got some pretty choice examples of cosplay. Before you know it, people will be going around conventions and heralding these two as the true Heroes of Kirkwall.

"We saw others doing it and dressing up as our favorite characters. Really, there is nothing like being able to be a character you admire for a day. It's like being a little kid again and putting on a superhero cape," said Aicosu, speaking about how attending conventions got them started with cosplaying.

And looking at their suits below, it's easy to see that they really do admire these characters and portray them well. They were both fans of the original game, Dragon Age: Origins, but didn't really want to cosplay as any of that title's characters. But Sheila fell in love with Hawke's default appearance and her attitude (which was all up to the player), so she decided to dress up as the Hero of Kirkwall. Sylar, on the other hand, was a fan of Gideon Emery, Fenris' voice actor, and the overall badassery of the character. What followed was cosplaying greatness.

If you want to see more of this cosplaying duo, check out their site, Facebook page, and deviantART! They have many more awesome outfits to peruse, all from video games to animated series (their stuff from The Legend of Korra is amazing). Maybe if you ask nicely, they'll show you how to get your hair looking as perfect as theirs!

BAT Photography/Aicosu
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