It happened last month, a 12-year-old girl in Salta Argentina was attacked by an older man, and the only ones close enough hear her screams were a pack of stray street dogs. Those homeless dogs did not hesitate to rescue the young girl.

Dog people know that dogs have done some truly amazing things to protect their humans. Never has any creature had a closer tie with humans than dogs. Loyal and faithful to their people, dogs will gladly jump into danger to save the ones they love. This incident in Argentina shows us that for "man's best friend", sometimes dogs don't even have to know a person to want to help them when they need it.

Argentina news reports say that the girl was on her way to her aunt's house, when an older man grabbed her, covered her mouth, and dragged her out of sight. She was able to scream out for help, but only a pack of street dogs could hear her. The dogs quickly set in after the guy attacking the man. While the dogs were working on the attempted rapist, the girl was able to run for help to a nearby home.

The owner of the nearby home called the police, and the girl's family, then he and some of his neighbors set out looking for the girls attacker, but couldn't find him, and the dogs just roamed away from the scene.

Those dogs have no homes, no names, and no people, but all are hero's for the actions they took to save a young child in danger. I think that says a lot about the nature of dogs, regardless of breed or location. It's just another notch for the argument that all dogs are good, there are just bad owners.