While I was playing disc golf on Sunday (September 28th), a hot air balloon that was featured at the 2014 Balloon Fest, made a surprise landing near ACU Wildcat Disc Golf Course, and, I got it all on video.

As we were playing a round of disc golf at Wildcat, we noticed that there were several hot air balloons in the air. One of those balloons, owned by Sky Gypsy, continued to get closer to where we were playing. So, we stopped our game and started taking pictures and video (above) of it moving towards us.

Originally, the balloon was going to land at the disc golf course. But, while I was talking to the owner of the balloon, Teri Corominas, they had to make a last minute change of the landing zone because there was simply no wind to help it get there. So, we raced over to the new location to see if we could help.

The balloon ended up landing safely in a field behind a residential area and across from the disc golf course. But, it was full of bees and mosquitoes, which made it very hard to recover the balloon. To make things more interesting, the balloon ran out of fuel after it landed. So, the pilot had to let out his passengers, who used a rope to move it across the overgrown field full of bees, so they could pack it up. Double whammy.

As several people gathered to watch, somebody actually called the police to report that a hot air balloon had "crash landed", which was not true. The balloon which carried pilot and owner, Hector Corominas, a man stationed at Dyess Air Force Base and his roommate, landed safely. It just ran out of fuel after it landed. But, it sure made for a very interesting game of disc golf.

You can watch it all go down in the video above. Plus, I took some pictures which you can see below.