It's time to look at upcoming fashion trends for the Spring/Summer. Much of what I saw, while researching this, will never be seen off the runway so here are some 'real' trends that you can adapt to your everyday attire.

  • Colors

    Colors this year are going to be black and white. The majority of what I am seeing for the upcoming season is black and white. However, there are a few soft pastels and bold colors like orange and pink. Plaids and mix match clash patterns will also be big this year.

  • Blouses

    T-shirts will always be a staple for your wardrobe but this year blouses will be showing up everywhere. I'm talking about almost a '90s look, with collars and big buttons. However, mid-drifts or crop tops are huge this year as are sheer looks; from everyday casual to a more dressed up evening look. The problem I have with this is that those that shouldn't be exposing their torso will be, just because it's fashion forward.

  • Slacks/Pants

    We are going big when it comes to pants. Really big, flowing leg pants. I'm not talking 'bell bottoms' of the '70s, these are oversized legs you could fit 3 people into. They are much like the Palazzo pants we saw this past fall season.

  • Skirts

    Skirts will come in a more classic look this year. Tea length (couple inches past the knee) and a little longer will make a comeback.  I've seen these in both A-line and a more slimming pencil skirt look as well.

  • Shoes

    While heels will always accompany women's fashion this year there won't be as many 'sky high' heels. They will be pumps, chunky heels, and even flats. Thank goodness, I can't wear those super high stilt shoes!

  • Jackets

    Tailored jackets and blazers are back. They can be worn casually with jeans, or with slacks, skirts and even over dresses. They can be functional to keep warm or use them as an accessory to dress up an outfit.

  • Accessories

    Big statement pieces are key when it comes to accessories. You can add splashes of color with purses or jewelry. Scarves also make a great accent piece.