What do you do in a country like India that has a lot of power outages and is not even close to the technology that we have here in America? You make a human-powered Ferris wheel and do some wicked tricks off of it, of course.

The video you are about to watch recently made headlines when it went viral on YouTube and other media sites. It was taken at a fun fair in New Delhi where electricity is pretty unreliable. So, instead of complaining about it and moaning about not having anything to do, the folks in India made this human-powered Ferris wheel to let the good times roll.

You have to admit, we take things for granted here in America with our iPhones, portable game systems and other technology to keep us entertained. You might even go as far to say we are a little spoiled. But, these people in India know how to have a good time and, as you'll see in the video, are pretty daring as well.

India's Human-Powered Ferris Wheel