As the Mega Millions Lottery jackpot continues to grow, It's up to $89 million dollars if drawn now. So, what would I buy if I just won $8 million dollars? Without hesitation, I didn't even give it a second thought, the answer was "a brand new truck! One with no miles on it and loaded with all the off road goodies." I then decided to ask my coworkers, it's funny though, because I thought I knew them pretty well and all of a sudden the answers they gave had me wondering if I even wanted to be associated with them. One yelled "hookers and drugs" another hollered "a mending kit for a broken heart." So I thought I'd ask all my Facebook friends, some were hilarious some were sad.

My buddy Booger in East Texas who proudly proclaims to be, in his words "oil field trash" preferred to text me his answer, "a pumpkin and some Tootsie Rolls." Don't ask, that's just Booger and we love him just the same. Now, I want to share the genuine sincerity of these Facebook friends and their answers, like the first five that responded.

The general consensus of what we mostly want are homes/new homes, new cars, paying off bills/debt, tithing/donating to charities and some vacation time. Then there's, those folks that have got an entirely different agenda, they are going to like out their 'bucket list' or 'fantasy.'

Come to think of it I did say "you have just won $89 million what's the first thing you'd buy?" The sky's the limit so this next batch had me pulling my hair out, because some just had to go and make it political,.

I've yet to run across someone that would be willing to spend their newly found millions on something like helping young children in Ethiopia or China. We mostly want to take care of our families, cars and houses and our favorite charities.

I did discover the difference that age plays in the decision making when it comes to handling our new found fortune, the young will splurge while those that are say, older like my dad all say the same thing "I'd pay off the house, pay off all my bills and then I'd go to Las Vegas where nobody could ever find me!" Dad, you're in Vegas you could be found and I know what machine you'd be romancing, (the all American 7's). Me? Sign me up for a new camo-wrapped truck and some land out in the country for some hiking, hunting and if I could ever figure out how to operate a rod and reel I'd really would love to learn how to fish.

How about you? Have you thought about it yet? Time is of the essence, you could win it any day now. Without thinking about it, just answer this. What is the first thing you will buy if you win the Mega Millions Lottery?