There are so many Disney animated movies that are classic, but is it time for a change? Little girls all over the world pretend to be the beautiful princess in classics like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas and Aladdin just to name a few.  A high school student in Virgina is asking for a change, a plus size princess.

Jewel Moore, a high school junior in Farmville, Va., has started a petition to Disney for a plus-size princess in one of their movies.

She has done some research on body image for young girls and in her petition she says:

Studies show that a child's confidence correlates greatly with how much representation they have in the media. It's extremely difficult to find a positive representation of plus-size females in the media. If Disney could make a plus-size female protagonist who was as bright, amazing, and memorable as their others, it would do a world of good for those plus-size girls out there who are bombarded with images that make them feel ugly for not fitting the skinny standard.

Disney films are highly influential and wide-spread, and they impact the lives of many children, especially girls. It would be revolutionary for Disney to show support to a group of girls who are otherwise horrendously bullied by the media. It would make many young girls feel confident and worthy to see a strong character that looks like them. This move on Disney's part would have an amazing positive ripple effect in people all around the world.

You can sign the petition at

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