Pamela Anderson is used to being in the position of pushing the boundaries. But, some people think the 45 year-old former Baywatch star has pushed them just a little too far with a very sexy commercial she did for Crazy Domains, and are calling it too sexist and degrading. But, is it?

According to the UK website The Guardian, people in Britain thought the commercial was too sexist and degrading, so it was banned from airing on TV.

In the commercial, Anderson is the boss conducting a boardroom meeting when a scantily clad assistant asks if anybody wants any cream (for their coffee). One dude starts fantasizing about both the assistant and Anderson in bikinis, pressing up against each other in slow motion.

The commercial originally aired in Australia 2010, but was recently brought into the UK to air after 9pm. However, after it aired in the UK, the British Advertising Standards Authority started receiving several complaints about the commercial, saying that it was "too degrading and sexist to women". So, the ad was pulled and banned.

Check out the video of the commercial and give us your thoughts on it.

Pamela Anderson Banned Commercial