Parallel parking is probably the hardest thing a driver has to learn to do. You would think the smaller the car the easier it would be right? Sometimes that doesn't make a difference though; check out this lady trying to parallel park her tiny car. My kiddo finally got his driving permit so we've turned over the keys and found ourselves pushed into the passenger seat. Trying to park and parallel park, especially, is a hard thing to do when you're driving a big extended cab truck. However, this lady can't seem to even park her tiny little smart car into a huge parking spot and luckily these people were  catching it all on video.

Then I found another video and this little boy puts this lady to shame. He parks his toy car, which is about the same size as her smart car, like a boss!

Watch Kid Parallel Park Like a Boss

Now that's how it's done!! Hopefully my kiddo will do this well on his test.