Good old Jim Carrey. Always there for you when you need an over-the-top reaction GIF. Don't believe us? See what we mean.

When your nemesis gets a promotion

When you pull off a great prank

When the guilt becomes too much

How it really feels watching a little kid try to read

When you go to bed after working a double

When your boss gives you more work at 4:53 on a Friday

When your parents hint that they have a sex life

Saying hi to someone you like when you're sober

Saying hi to someone you like when you've had a few

When you accidentally read a spoiler on Facebook

When your cat won't cuddle with you

When you decide to cut loose at the office Christmas party

When you get the bill at the karaoke bar

When you have to have an extended conversation with someone you don't like

When someone cooks you dinner and it's horrible

When you wake up after a crazy party and don't know where you are

When you try to ask somebody out

When you remember it's a three-day weekend