Jim Carrey has been out of mojo for a while. His last couple films include 'Mr. Popper's Pengiuns,' the motion-captured 'A Christmas Carol' and last month's bomb 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.' That may explain why he's getting back together with one of his oldest collaborators for 'Ricky Stanicky.'

The film was re-written and will be directed by Steve Oedekerk, who was a writer on 'In Living Color' and credited as "Project Consultant" on 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.' Oedekerk also wrote and directed the 'Ace Ventura' sequel, so that project consultant credit could mean that he helped Carrey specifically with his schtick, or may have done a page one rewrite and the guild wouldn't give him credit. Oedekerk also wrote the screenplays for 'The Nutty Professor' remake and its sequel, 'Patch Adams' and both 'Bruce' and 'Evan Almighty.'

This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, and they suggest that Carrey took a year to decide to take the project. The film is described as such:

three teens pull a prank and burn down a house in their neighborhood. They create a fake person to take the blame: Ricky Stanicky. Twenty years later, it turns out the three guys have been using this alibi to get out of every uncomfortable situation in life. When their girlfriends and wives force them to set up a meeting with Stanicky, they hire an out-of-work actor to play the part.

One can guess that Carrey will play Stanicky. And that he'll be zany in a way that recalls his roles from two decades ago.