Justin Timberlake is capable of many things: He can sing, he can dance, he can sort of act and he's great on 'SNL.' But is he capable of selling beer that tastes like turpentine?

Timberlake was named the creative director of Bud Light Platinum, and he's pretty stoked about it: “Bud Light Platinum brings a refined, discerning aesthetic to beer that plays well with what I'm doing,” Timberlake said in a press release.

He added, “I’m looking forward to not only being a part of the creative process, but in bringing other talented musicians to the forefront as well."

Timberlake, who will also star in a commercial for the suds set to air during the Grammys this Sunday (Feb. 10), joins Pitbull and Jay-Z, who have also repped the brand.

We're not sure what exactly Bud Light Platinum has to do with releasing singles relying too heavily on falsetto and too little on lyricism (seriously, he actually says "So thick / Now I know why they call it a fatty" in 'Suit & Tie'), but apparently they're of equal quality.

Bud Light Platinum boasts 6 percent alcohol per volume, as opposed to the 4.5 percent of Bud Light and 5 percent of a regular Budweiser. It's also got a sweet taste, higher carbonation and only eight fewer calories than a regular Bud. Apparently the only thing it'll make lighter is your wallet, because it's pricier than other six-packs.

This won't be the first time Timberlake's attached his name to a less than promising venture. He's still working with MySpace, and we're not even sure if Tom cares.