We know it's hard to keep track of all of Katt Williams' charges since he seems to get arrested every 10 minutes, but he got a pretty sweet break on one of them.

The oft-cuffed comic won't face criminal charges for child endangerment following cops finding, oh, you know, just drugs and guns in the house where he lives with his kids. Nbd guys.

TMZ reports that Williams got off for a few reasons: One, he insists guns in the house were locked up and out of access to the youngins. Two, so many people live in the house that it's sort of impossible to definitely link any of the contraband to Williams.

For what it's worth, Williams also insists that marijuana isn't a drug, but his reasoning likely wasn't a factor in the decline to prosecute him.

Consequently, cops were unable to charge him with a felony and referred the case to the Los Angeles City attorney, who handles misdemeanor cases.

However, that office is too busy (probably with Lindsay Lohan) to hear the case, so Williams will have to attend an informal hearing and be issued a warning.

Don't get too excited, though. Williams is still in hot water for a few other things: slapping a Target employee, getting to a bar fight, parking near hydrants (and possibly being black), beating audience members, evading police, missing court dates and probably 14 more crimes by the time we finish this sentence.