Killer is Dead is definitely one of the slickest-looking games we've seen in a long while. And here are the screenshots to prove it.

When we got more news about Suda 51's latest project for the Xbox 360 and PS3, we couldn't wait to get our hands on any tidbits about the game. The cel-shaded assassin-killing adventure comes to us from the mind that gave us the visually-stunning Killer7 and No More Heroes, so we were sure that we'd see something stylish and totally over-the-top.

And now, thanks to screenshots from Famitsu, we can take an enticing sneak peek at the incredible graphics and intense action of Killer is Dead. The screens below show a lot of cybernetic assassins getting their butts kicked, torsos getting slashed, and undergoing all kinds of unpleasantness.

The main character, a man named Mondo Zappa who wears a sharp suit and carries an even sharper blade, seems to be a whirl of hyperviolence. We can only imagine the chaos that ensues once he pops out that clawed gun/arm/thing of his.

Check out a sampling below and go to Famitsu's site to look at all of the other screenshots. We know we don't need to ask, but how do you feel about Suda 51's newest offering? Let us know in the comments!