Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's fetus is still on the run after a stunning series of dangerous adventures -- or so Conan O'Brien would have us believe in the closing chapter of a trilogy from the brilliant and twisted minds of his late-night talk show's writers.

Previously, we saw the fetus escape from Kim's womb and from the clutches of the Secret Service via motorcycle and motor boat after interrupting Obama's inauguration. And in this stunning finale, the baby – whom Conan decided to name Kimye because Kim and Kanye would totally name their baby that – continues his cross-country escapades.

After being cornered by police officers, he rides off on a conveniently-placed dog, hops on a skateboard and removes himself from the surface of the earth by hijacking a blimp. Afterwards, he makes his third visit to the 'Conan' studios hanging from said blimp dressed like the Red Baron. (It's really the only way to dress when one commandeers a blimp.)

As the baby rides off into the sunset, Conan remarks on his tenacity, "What a brave kid. He may not have loved being Kim and Kanye's baby, but that is incredible. He's willing to give up hundreds of millions of dollars and a life of absolute luxury ..."

At which point the baby returns to the hospital and climbs back in Kim Kardashian's womb because hey, he's not stupid.

See you in a few months, kid.