We've already seen how awesome Katarina can be in a previous Cosplay of the Day, but now we get to see the assassin's more playful side in an alternate skin called Kitty Cat Katarina. And yes, this kitty's got claws.

The Kitty Cat skin was available during the 2010 Harrowing event in League of Legends. The Harrowing, as one might guess, is Valoran's equivalent of Halloween, so it would make sense for the game's champions to dress up in different garb. Katarina's Kitty Cat costume was a popular addition, since, ya know ... catgirls are kind of a big thing.

This is Micuko Hikaru, a cosplayer from Russia, rocking it as the feline version of Katarina. It might not be the stealthiest of costumes for an assassin, but you can bet that her targets will be stunned and stare slack-jawed at her upon seeing her in this fabulous getup.

Take a look at more of her League of Legends cosplay offerings on her deviantART page and let us know if you think this kitty is purr-fect.


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