Lady Gaga didn't just smoke weed while on stage in Amsterdam. She met with a sick little monster and showered her with gifts and her time, that latter of which cannot be measured in value. Gaga was so tender and affectionate towards this fan, treating her with the utmost respect and love. It's that type of treatment that makes little monsters such a dedicated, disciple-like bunch.

Gaga brought pens from the Born This Way Foundation and a full bottle of her best-selling Fame perfume. She was so sweet and considerate, asking if it was okay for the fan to have the items she was doling out, and asked her what her favorite part of the show was.

Gaga also engulfed her in a huge hug and posed for several photos with her. We all know that Gaga is in demand and has an insane schedule -- but while she was hanging out with her precious little monster, it was as though Gaga had nothing else to do and she cleared the deck to spend time with this sick fan.

"I want to get in the bed with her," Gaga joked.

We see the maternal side of Gaga in this clip, which runs about 11 minutes in length and is a first-person perspective of this side of Mother Monster.

She is still speaking with that dramatic, English-style, theatrical and overly enunciative accent that she picked up only recently. It sounds like she is rehearsing for a part in a Broadway show. It's different, and it's also something Madonna once did. But we're not going to call it reductive.