Lea Michele is still reeling from the death of her boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith last July. The singer and actress is slowly, but surely putting one foot in front of the other and moving on, all the while keeping Monteith in her thoughts and conversations. She is also focusing on her solo album.

An insider who is close to Michele revealed that time is healing the wounds, saying, "It's getting a little easier." The pain is not as acute as when Monteith first died. And while he is gone, he is not forgotten. Michele still "misses him every day" and "she talks about Cory all the time."

It sounds like the star is navigating the normal phases of grief. She did say that Monteith's death was a double blow for her, as she lost both Cory and his character, Finn Hudson.

The source said that Michele "doesn't like to be alone," so her friends have been there for her, "helping her through it."

She has no interest in dating right now, which makes sense. The wound and heartache is still fresh, even if she is working to move past it. "She really struggled," a friend confessed. "It was hard to get up every morning. But now, she's doing okay."

One of the ways she is keeping busy is by focusing on her solo album. While no release date has been announced, the singer shared some sexy shots from the album photo shoot.

The 'Glee' star looks gorgeous and sexy, and throwing herself into work should help her to deal with what has happened to her in the past few months.