If you have not heard the massive hit pop song 'Let It Go' (from the movie 'Frozen') sometime over the last six months, you have probably been living under a rock. Chances are, however, that you have just not heard it performed like this.

Prolific YouTuber 331Erock has posted his rendition of 'Let It Go' on his YouTube channel, where it has picked up nearly 4 million views since being uploaded last month. With the help of a backing track, he shreds through an instrumental performance of the hit, boasts some impressive guitar chops in the process.

The musician doesn't dabble in just pop songs, however. He has also posted videos of him performing Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' as well as the iconic theme from the Nintendo game Super Mario Bros among other video games.

'Let It Go' was written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the latter of whom collaborated with Trey Parker and Matt Stone from 'South Park' on the hit Broadway musical 'The Book of Mormon.' Sung on-screen by Idina Menzel, the track won the Academy Award for Best Original Song last month.