Yum! Who doesn't love popcorn? It's a tasty snack especially when it's movie time at the theater or at the house. Ever wonder how to make microwave popcorn? Yeah, homemade microwave popcorn.

Everyone knows how to pop microwave popcorn but how cool would it be to make your own fresh bag of microwave popcorn? I found the great video on how to do it and it looks easy enough to me.

Let's face it, air popped popcorn has no taste and making popcorn on the stove is a little nerve wracking! I'm one of the many who actually had a pot of popcorn catch fire. After that, I've always been a little hesitant and just go for the microwave popcorn.

Ever wonder about the history of popcorn? It's been around for a lot longer than I ever thought! According to popcorn.org:

Archaeologists have uncovered proof that popcorn had been around long before the arrival of the Europeans in the New World. Excavations in the Bat Cave of West Central New Mexico turned up popcorn ears nearly 5,600 years old, according to radio-carbon tests. An 80,000-year-old fossil pollen found 200 feet below Mexico City has been identified as corn pollen. In tombs on the east coast of Peru, researchers uncovered 1,000-year-old grains of popcorn so well preserved they still pop.


Other treasures have turned up to validate popcorn's place in the past _ pottery popcorn poppers dating back to pre-Inca cultures in Peru; an old (300 A.D.) funeral urn in Mexico depicting a Maize god with a popcorn decorated headdress. In fact, research has proven that the ancestors of most Native American tribes enjoyed popcorn even before the birth of Christ. And, today popcorn is still considered one of America's favorite snacking pleasures.