Seems that animals have instincts that allow them to do things you wouldn't think possible. Like these elephants in the video. The baby elephant, like human toddlers, has gotten it's self into a bit of a pickle. As usual though, it's mom to the rescue.

The event was caught on tape in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. The baby seems to have wandered off and gotten it's self stuck in a water hole and now can't seem to get out.

That's alright though because mom has a plan. You can see the mom pace a little bit seemingly assessing the situation and figuring a plan to get the baby out.

She finally sees that the water isn't that deep and she goes in after the little one and ends up pushing it out of the water hole.

With the whole event being filmed had this not worked someone I'm sure would have been there to lend a hand. However, mom does a great job of handling the situation with no problem. I'm sure baby got a good trunk lashing afterwards though!