Breast Cancer Awareness Month seems to have taken on a creative, spirited turn this year. First, we found 3 guys motorboating to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Now, there's a website and instructional video on "mamming": the act of laying your boobs on stuff and photographing them. It's intended to remind women to lay their breasts where it matters most: the doctor's office. Brilliant.

This video sums up the art of mamming perfectly, as one woman shows another how it's done, and a third joins in after a mamming excursion through town. In the end, women are encouraged to get creative and do a little mamming of their own, and post their efforts on Instagram. Watch:

Getting a regular mammogram is the best way to catch and treat breast cancer early, and the website and video were created to "embrace the awkwardness of mammagrams.". Whatever works. Now, get to work and share those mamming moments!