I've always been amazed by the caveman ways. How they built their homes, dishes, made clothes etc. In this video a man shows you how he uses only his surroundings to make a primitive hut.

I've always looked at the Native Americans and their homes built into mountainsides, the Egyptians with their pyramids and the Great Wall of China and thought 'how the hell did they do that?' This guy takes 9 months (30 days actual work) to complete the hut using only what was available in his surroundings.

The guy in this video gives us a glance at what it takes to make just a small hut. He uses tools he makes from rocks to cut trees, makes clay pots out of mud and water, builds a chimney out of mud and uses fire as kiln. I can tell you right now if there is some reason I am lost in the wilderness with nothing, I want this guy with me!

I wonder if we could get our own One-armed Outdoorsman to build one of these?