Simply put, Man Hacks are Life Hacks for dudes. With this latest edition, we show you an easy way to hide something from your wife by using an empty beer box.

As you can see in the player above, it's very easy to hide stuff from your wife like dirty magazines, money, gifts and more using an empty beer box. In our case, we used an empty 30-pack for some dirty magazines. But, you can use whatever size beer box you need. Then, store that bad boy in your man cave, the garage, your tackle box or somewhere else she really won't care to look in. She'll just think it's an extra 30-pack of beer you have stashed.

Of course, I guess it could backfire if your wife really likes beer and tries to get into your "stash".

If you have a Man Hack you want to share, simply comment below and we'll give it a try.