Fortunately, he only suffered a fractured leg in the incident last Thursday.

Albany, OR police say it highlights a growing problem with homeless people who seek refuge inside 'cleaner' recycling dumpsters, which can be just as dangerous as regular garbage ones.

Officials say the 23-year-old man was asleep in the dumpster when it was emptied into a recycling truck, and then drove to the facility. The truck was beginning to compress the cardboard when the victim apparently awoke and began yelling and throwing flattened boxes out of the truck. The operator saw and heard him, and reversed the compacter. The man suffered a fracture to his leg, but his noise and the operator paying attention saved his life!

Authorities say the incident is similar to one in May, 2011, when the body of a 50-year-old man was found inside a truck when it began offloading cardboard at an Albany recycling facility.

Unfortunately, that man either didn't wake up in time or was not heard, and he was crushed by the flattened cardboard. He was discovered between the stacks of boxes after the truck dumped it's load.

Police say across the country more homeless people are using the recycling dumpsters for sleeping, because they are far cleaner and the people can use the flattened boxes for cushion and warmth.