It amazes me to see some of the things that people do who are limited. In fact, I work with a guy named Rudy Fernandez, who only has one arm. Yet, he is able to do the same things, if not more, than you and I in one day. Such as the case of this man with no arms, who completely nails this cover of 'Can't Stop' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I was cruising through YouTube today and checking out drum covers when I saw this video. My jaw just about dropped to the floor. Not only was this dude with no arms playing the drums, he was incredible. In fact, I'd put him up against many two-armed drummers.

Not only did he do the song you're about to watch, but he has posted up several more videos on his YouTube channel. He plays drums and bass on an Incubus cover, Foo Fighters' 'The Pretender', some Mumford and Sons songs and more.

The dude just rocks - literally!

Check out his drum cover of 'Can't Stop'