So you know how Manti Te'o had an imaginary girlfriend? And that Ronaiah Tuiasosopo was behind the whole thing?

Apparently Tuiasosopo was also in love with him. But don't worry -- just like Te'o was "far from" gay, Tuiasosopo is also not gay. Because he's recovering from his homosexuality.

Way to be, dude.

Tuiasosopo told Dr. Phil that he's maybe sort of gay, but not really anymore.

When the bald shrink asked Tuiasosopo flat out if he had romantic feelings for Te'o, with whom he had a sham online relationship under the 'Catfish'-style alias Lennay Kekua for a long time.

"If you look at this situation and everything that I've been through, I would say yeah, I'm gay," Tuiasosopo admitted. "But honestly I'm so confused."

The clearly misguided Tuiasosopo added, "It takes a lot of courage to recover from homosexuality and this type of thing and coming back to your real life. As hard of a task it is, I'm going to do all I can to live right."

Call us nuts, but there's a lot more "right" about being gay than there is about pretending to be an imaginary girl with leukemia who dies the same day as her gullible online boyfriend's grandma.