It's time to do some more traveling and I'm here to give you another suggestion. The Marfa Lights in Marfa, Texas. It's a strange phenomenon of lights in the sky that have captured the attention of thousands over many, many years.

The 'lights' have been occurring since the 19th century. The lights can be seen on the horizon looking just southeast of town. The 'official' viewing of the lights is 9 miles east of Marfa on highway 90. The colors of the lights change from red, blue, white and can appear at anytime.

There are many theories as to what and where the lights come from but no one really knows for sure. It has been thought to be atmospheric conditions, gasses, and even straight up, ghosts of conquistadors. No matter what they are or where they are coming from they are said to be friendly so no need to worry about being abducted or harmed.

Early day cowboys, settlers, training pilots, and others have seen the lights. It has become a tourist attraction and the Texas State Highway Dept. has even constructed a roadside parking area for travelers to pull off and view the lights.

The lights aren't the only thing Marfa has to offer though. The town was established in 1883 as a water stop along the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway. It was also the filming location for the movie 'Giant' starring James Dean and Rock Hudson. The town is surrounded by the Davis, Chios and Chinati Mountains and is also home to U.S. Border Patrol offices.

If you have the opportunity to visit the western portion of Texas don't pass up Marfa and the unusually beautiful Marfa Lights.

Check out this video of the Marfa Lights as recorded by a visitor