If you haven't started watching "Breaking Bad"...or aren't completely caught up yet...you probably wouldn't want anyone to spoil Sunday's series finale for you on social media.

That's why this is GREAT:  Netflix has created a site at SpoilerFoiler.com...where you can log onto Twitter, and have Tweets involving "Breaking Bad" blacked out, while still having the option to reveal the Tweets if you want.

Basically, this function will hide any Tweets involving words associated with the show, including, of course, "breaking" and "bad".  So, while this IS a nice idea, there are two problems:  First off, it'll block out Tweets with those words even if they're unrelated to the show...

And it could still let spoilers through, if they don't include the specific "danger words."  (In other words, you may not catch Tweets like: "I'm breaking up with you." Which probably isn't a HUGE deal, in 99.9% of cases.)

This is also FREE...however, Netflix didn't exactly do this randomly, out of the kindness of their hearts.  They did it because they have the streaming rights to all the show's earlier seasons.

So they don't want people to be deterred from watching because they know how it ends.  And they want to remind us all that you can catch up on "Breaking Bad" any time you want...if you have a Netflix account.

(Even with its faults, I think this is a FANTASTIC idea...and I wonder if Twitter can just add this feature. That way, you could plug in whatever words you want, and it would censor any Tweets that include them.)