Spring is in the air, and things are starting to bloom. Soon, we will all be spending our weekends doing yard work. Which, of course, can be rewarding until you get poison ivy. Ugh!

I've actually have never gotten poison ivy. Knock on wood. I know I've been around it, but so far it has never affected me. Believe me, I'm still very nervous about getting it. I've been told before and have read that just because you didn't have a reaction to it in the past doesn't mean you won't have a reaction in the future. Now, I have seen some doozies of outbreaks, including on my husband.

Can you imagine never having worry about a huge outbreak of poison ivy ever again? In the video below the guy found a way! At first, I thought this was one of those videos that teases you to the end and then you have to buy something to get the answer, but thankfully it's not. I SO hate those videos!

The Do Not Dos from Medline Plus:

  • Do NOT touch skin or clothing that still have the plant resins still on the surface.
  • Do NOT burn poison ivy, oak, or sumac to get rid of it. The resins can be spread via smoke and can cause severe reactions in people who are far downwind.

Get emergency medical treatment right away if:

  • The person is suffering a severe allergic reaction, such as swelling or difficulty breathing, or has had a severe reaction in the past.
  • The person has been exposed to the smoke of a burning poison ivy, oak or sumac.

Call your provider if:

  • Itching is severe and cannot be controlled.
  • The rash affects your face, lips, eyes, or genitals.
  • The rash shows signs of infection, such as pus, yellow fluid leaking from blisters, odor, or increased tenderness.