First things first. I HATE spiders. They are creepy, sneaky, ugly and they send shivers up my spine thinking about them crawling everywhere. Having said that I found out about this new species of spider in Sri Lanka and I had to share it with you. Why? Because this spider is the size of the human face!

It's a new type of Indian Tiger Spider or Tarantula and has been discovered living in the forests of Sri Lanka. They prefer living in trees but because of recent deforestation in the area the spiders are finding their way into old abandon buildings in more populated areas.

Their scientific name for their genus is Poecilotheria, and the new species is known as Poecilotheria rajaei

This species is generally 8 in. in diameter. That is bigger than the palm of most of our hands and is about the size of ones face. They bite in multiples and it is hard to detach them from you when they do. Although this spider is poisonous it may actually have some benefits to humans. Bio-physicists believe that there is a protein in a tarantulas venom that could provide treatments for muscular dystrophy.

This reminds me of the Sean Connery movie 'Medicine Man' in which a flower that is being threatened by deforestation could hold the cure for cancer. It's definitely food for thought. If we keep pushing these animals/plants out of their environment and causing extinction of the species what cures for diseases are we losing?

Although I'm all for science and finding cures, if you ask me, these nasty, big creepy crawlers need to stay in the jungles/forests and away from populated areas. Especially if that area is anywhere near me!!