It's been a hot topic for Dallas Cowboys fans all over the world - Dez Bryant blowing up on the sidelines during their loss to the Detroit Lions. Apparently those people, including myself, might have been wrong. The NFL have released audio of Dez actually showing support which contradicts what everybody thought was going on.

During the Cowboys' 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions, Dez Bryant was shown on the sidelines yelling and screaming at different players including Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware and Tony Romo. In fact, at one point, video showed Ware separating Bryant and Witten.

Apparently, it might have been just "passion" all along.

According to ESPN, Bryant, though very animated, was actually showing support for the team. At one point, while waving his hands in the air, Bryant is heard saying "No, we can't let them do that. They playing me (expletive) up. We destroy that."

While kneeling down with receivers coach Derek Dooley and quarterback Tony Romo, Bryant, again very animated, tells Romo "We better than that..we the best in the NFL on that". Dooley then tells Bryant "Just sit it down, don't look at Tony. Safety is coming over the top." referring to the way the Lions are playing Bryant.

The footage doesn't show the conversation Bryant had with Witten. But, Dez said him and "Witt" are good and even joked about it after the game in the locker room.

You can check out the footage here.

So, what are your thoughts? Was Dez just showing passion or was he being a diva on the sideline?

(via ESPN)