There once was a lady who had 6 kids then she had another 8 via In Vitro which brought here total to 14. Then that lady made headline news and made the talk show rounds, had a reality show, did some stripping and work in the adult film industry. She made a lot of money and then it all fell apart she went to rehab, lost her money and went on welfare. This is the story of the "Octomom", as she is known, Nadya Suleman.

Suleman created controversy when it was learned that while already having 6 children, who were also conceived In Vito, and being on public assistance she went ahead with In Vitro and conceived 8 more children. She publicly denied, at first, that she had ever been on welfare. That was later proven false.

Suleman recently did a stint in rehab for anxiety, exhaustion and stress (really? you have 14 kids!). That apparently took much of the money she had earned from movies, recordings, dancing etc. She has filed for welfare once again and will reportedly receive $1800 a month plus other benefits.

I've always heard if wait until you can afford kids then you will never have them, however, I think in this case it was very irresponsible. Now the taxpayers will again foot the bill for this woman.

Here is a video of Suleman from the Today show explaining her view of using and being on food stamps. This was from earlier last year.

What are your thoughts on this subject?