Get ready, Directioners! Morgan Spurlock will begin shooting the One Direction 3D film this week!

TV NZ's One News reports that filming is set to start in Tokyo -- and that Spurlock is convinced 3D is the way to go for the movie. (And not just because it's as close as a lot of us will get to reaching out and grabbing Harry Styles' sex-scented hair.)

"Once they can crack that nut of having a true 3D experience where you don't have to have those glasses or sit at a certain angle, it will become a conversation again," Spurlock said of the medium. As for why he wanted to document 1D, well, why wouldn't you? Still, he has a legit explanation, too. "These guys have gotten so huge in such a short amount of time -- why?" (Um, listen to their songs and look at their beautiful faces.) He added, "What makes them more special than any other people?"

The guys are just as excited to work with Spurlock as he is to work with them. Niall Horan said of the 'Super Size Me' auteur, "Morgan works well because ... he did a lot of documentary movies. It's going to be a concert movie, but with a documentary side than concert side so we wanted to get our personalities across because the fans know us, but we want them to know us deeper."

And don't forget -- the Directioners are the real stars, so get camera ready!

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