The long-running saga between Pearl Jam and their former chief financial officer will soon come to an end. Rickey Charles Goodrich has pleaded guilty to felony theft charges related to the band in a Seattle court.

In June 2012, Goodrich, 55, was charged with 33 counts of theft totaling $380,000 between 2006 and his dismissal from Curtis, Inc. - the band’s management company - in Sept. 2010. This includes transferring money from corporate accounts for his personal debts - which were eventually repaid - to purchasing $134,000 worth of items and vacations for his family to the company credit card.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is reporting that Goodrich pleaded out to six of the charges. Sentencing  is scheduled for Feb 21, where King County prosecutors will request a six-month jail sentence, provided he pays back the money in full. If he is unable to repay, however, they will recommend a 14-month sentence.

Goodrich began working for Pearl Jam’s touring company in 2005 as their accountant, and moved on to Curtis, inc. a year later. He also co-managed their fan club, which turned up “cash flow issues” in 2009. Neither the band nor Goodrich had any comment.