Little Mix's Perrie Edwards and One Direction's Zayn Malik got engaged at the end of the summer, even though both of their bands are in high demand and have back-breaking promo schedules.

1D's sched is clearly busier than Little Mix's, given the fact that the boys are at height of their global fame. That fact is said to be causing Perrie to worry that her wedding to Zayn will be further delayed.

With the new 1D album 'Midnight Memories' out next month and a world tour on the horizon, there is little time in Zayn's life for wedding prep. Despite Edwards' fretting, Malik has reminded his bride-to-be that she has prime importance in his life.

"She's beginning to feel like the wedding plans are at the mercy of One Direction's diary," the source said.

That is a fair assessment any way you slice it.

The band's itinerary is incredibly chaotic and filled to the brim, but the boys have been going nonstop for the past few years, so there will be a moment where they can hit the pause button and take a hard-earned, much-deserved vacation! Zayn can think about the wedding then.

Still, Perrie is reportedly exhibiting typical bride-like worries.

"Zayn has reassured Perrie that she's his priority, but Perrie's no fool and knows exactly how the industry works," the insider said.

While the source shared that "the last thing Perrie wants to do is come between Zayn and the band," she still has her concerns. The source added, "She's been left wondering when the wedding is going to happen and has told him he must make time for it."

Since Edwards is also an artist with a busy band, she gets it. But it's not like she is sitting at home, doing nada. Girl's got a career of her own and her band is poised to really break big in the U.S. Their new album 'Salute' is due next month, too! That leaves her with little free time to look at dresses and reception halls.

Something tells us this "source" may be stirring up some drama. Perrie Edwards doesn't seem like the Yoko Ono type or even a bridezilla type. There's no reason for her and Zayn to run down the aisle. They just became bethrothed. Let them enjoy it.