The Xi3 Piston is heralded as the very first Steam Box that will make its way to living rooms. And now, with a bit of extra cash, you can make sure that one will be sitting handsomely in your own living room when it's released!

Xi3 sent out a press release this weekend, letting the public know that they'll be accepting initial pre-orders of their console at the Gaming Expo at South By Southwest (SXSW).

But this isn't like putting down $5 to reserve a title at GameStop or  even $70 for something like Ouya, folks, because a pre-order for the Piston will set early adopters back by $999! Dropping a grand for a new gaming machine isn't anything to scoff at, but the Piston might prove to be a worthy investment for fans of Steam.

The company is running a special until the end of SXSW on March 17th, 2013, in which they'll knock $100 off the list price and have their box shipped to you for the 2013 holiday season. So if you want your Steam Box for a relatively cheaper price, act quickly and place a pre-order now on the site.

Will you be getting one? Want to wait for a cheaper generation of the machine? Let us know!