A police officer fired his weapon and killed a dog displaying threatening behavior towards him, just as a 9-year-old boy's birthday party was wrapping up. WARNING... the following video is graphic.

The 7-year-old black lab named Hooch belonged to Ricky Clubb. Mr. Clubb suffers from Parkinsons and claims that Hooch was his trained service dog.

Officer Terek Hassani was responding to a call of dogs running at large, and you see in the police dash-cam video that there are quite a few dogs loose, and barking as officer Hassani tried to make his way to the door of the residence. He even kicks at the dogs which only escalated their behavior. More at MagicValley.com...

(Warning: Graphic video and foul language.)

A local resident put up a Facebook Page demanding that Officer Hassani be fired for i=hist actions.

Officer Hassani was placed on administrative lead while an investigation is under way. Here is a news piece that aired on one of the area's local news stations KIVI-TV...