It was a British invasion when Lawson visited the PopCrush compound to engage in a little dart throwing and a rowdy round of Pop the Question with us.

First off, can we just say that every member of the four piece is utterly adorbs? Who wouldn't want to bring these cuties home to mom? They were also super funny, too.

Watch them ready, aim, FIRE!

The golden-haired boys engaged in quite a bit of nut humor during this PTQ session, but it was all in good fun! Rated PG all the way.

Find out who had their first kiss at 13 or 14 and why it was disgusting; the crazy fan encounter the boys had while inThailand; whose worst habit is being annoying and what they do to make themselves purposefully annoying to their bandmates; and who needs an exorbitant amount of time to wake up in the morning.

You'll certainly get to know Lawson a whole lot better during this PTQ segment.

Did we mention how bloody cute the boys are? Expect big things from them in America next year and remember that you read about 'em here first!