How many times have you had one of those "remember when" moments with a friend, but neither of you could actually remember? Well, for those of you that like to reminisce about the good ol' days in Abilene, there's a Facebook group that is perfect for you. Even if you can't 'remember when', there are plenty of people that can.

From Dallas Perkins selling booze in Impact to the tasty bread sticks from Crystal's Pizza, there isn't a topic that isn't talked about on the "Remember in Abilene When" Facebook page.

So if you're looking to chat about the Westgate Mall, McLemore Bass, Thornton's Department Store, Mack Eplen's, Fair Park, the Columbus Day flood and beyond, then check out this page and enjoy.

The only downside is that it's a closed group, so you'll need admin approval before you start posting on the page. But, that shouldn't be a big deal. Enjoy the page.