You have to admit, some of the best kids movies ever could seriously jack a kid up in the head. Here are some of the saddest kids movies ever... put together a list of the "22 Saddest Moments from Kids Movies". (I have to say I am a little surprised, and a little dissappointed that "Old Yeller" isn't even on the list.)

For the most part, I have to agree... they have the funeral scene from "My Girl", (which just brings up the question of whether "My Girl" is really everybody's idea of a "kid's movie"). They also list the scene where Bambi finds out what happened to his mom, and I liked that they listed the scene where Dumbo gets to spend a tender moment with his mom.

Coming in at Number One on the list of saddest kids movie scene is the death of Mufasa in "The Lion King".

What do you think about the list compiled here? Would you add something?