This past year Texas A&M chose to join a new conference in the SEC which means they do not play the University of Texas (t-sips as we like to call them) any longer. This seems to have upset some folks, to the point that they have put a bill into motion for it to become a law that the two teams have to play each other. Should our legislators be using their time and office to write laws about college football games?

Ryan Guillen is a democratic representative, and former Aggie, for the Rio Grande Valley. He filed a bill Monday that would require the two teams play each other.

The games between A&M and UT were the best. I was there 1990-1993. I did not attend any of those games in person, I always chose to come home for holiday. However, the TV was always tuned into the game. I have cousins that went to UT and I can assure you our family get to gathers were quite spirited; it was always about braggin' rights for the next year.

Although I loved the rivalry, and I don't know about you, but this is not what I want my 'elected' officials wasting their time on. We have people without jobs, no way to pay bills, losing their homes, no insurance. We have problems much more pressing and important than whether or not two college rivalries play a football game.