'Sin City: A Dame to Kill for' is shooting now, and director Robert Rodriguez -- much like Bryan Singer -- knows how to use twitter to keep people interested in his upcoming projects. He's just tweeted some photos from the set that show some of the before and after process of making the film. The latest photos feature Josh Brolin.

Above is the before, and here's the after:

@Rodriguez/ Twitter

Both photos come from Robert Rodriquez's Twitter account. What's most remarkable about these photos is how little Brolin has to work with that's practical, and how quickly (or at least it seems) that the image can be turned around in the 'Sin City' Style. Perhaps after the last film they can filter it for post really quickly.

Josh Brolin will be playing Dwight McCarthy, a role originated by Clive Owen. In the graphic novels the character had plastic surgery at one point, which could explain the different actors (perhaps Owen will return for a cameo). It sounds like shooting has been going on for a while now as, from his recent press tour for 'A Good Day to Die Hard,' it sounds like Bruce Willis has already wrapped. 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' is due out October 4, which is three weeks after Rodriguez's other movie 'Machete Kills' is scheduled to hit theaters.