Discovery Channel has released the latest commercial for 'Shark Week'. This time, instead of a seal being eaten, 'Snuffy' lives. That, along with another surprise twist, makes for another epic promo for one of the biggest events on TV every year.

I've been watching 'Shark Week' every year since the mid 90's. I'm so into it, I even made up a drinking game for the epic week that features the best shark videos in the world.

In the video (above), a fake newscast shows a captured shark hanging from the docks, when, all of a sudden, it comes back to life and spits out a live seal ('Snuffy'). As the shocked crowd looks on, suddenly, a man in a bathing suit crawls out of the shark as well.

I still think last year's 'Shark Week' commercial was a little better, because it had more of a shock value to it. But, this one is still pretty cool. And it's nice to see the hype around 'Shark Week' has even more bite to it every year.

'Shark Week' starts on August 10th on Discovery Channel.

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