- A journalist says Joe Jonas is gay. We blame Taylor Swift. [PopCrush]

- Orlando Bloom doesn't care if you like 'The Hobbit.' He's married to this so neener. [IDLYITW]

- Jennifer Aniston thinks it's perfectly okay if Kim Kardashian wants to be a famewhore. [AmyGrindhouse]

- What the hell has Catherine Zeta-Jones done to her face? [Bohomoth]

- Amaze your friends and drinking buddies with a bunch of arcane Oscar trivia knowledge. [ScreenCrush]

- 'Two and a Half Men' do a musical number aptly titled 'You're a Douche.' [SeriouslyOMG]

- 'Jurassic Park 4' gets a release date. For all three of you who care. [Hypable]

- Destiny's Child's new single 'Nuclear' is actually kinda catchy. [Rickey]

- You can shave Anne Hathaway's head, but she'll cuttabitch if you misspell her name. [Dlisted]


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