On Nov. 9, 90 women from all over the world will compete for the title of Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow. The pageant will have a decidedly rock edge to it, as Steven Tyler will be one of the judges.

Russia Beyond the Headlines says that the Aerosmith frontman and former 'American Idol' judge will be on the panel to determine who will take the crown from Olivia Culpo, last year's winner. Tyler, who recently recorded a song with Korean pop star Psy, is not expected to sing, but Panic! at the Disco will perform.

We're really not sure what to make of this news. On the one hand, Tyler has proven throughout his entire career that he is supremely qualified to judge beautiful young women. On the other hand, the phrase "fox in the henhouse" comes to mind.

The pageant, which will be broadcast in America on NBC, will be co-hosted by MSNBC's Thomas Roberts and Melanie Brown, better known as "Scary Spice" from the Spice Girls. Bravo's Andy Cohen, who hosted last year's show, has bowed out due to Russia's recently passed laws against homosexual propaganda.